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SB Nursing Care Management Services

Efficient care planning by coordination with the patient, family and nurse.

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SB Nursing Care Management Services, LLC is a private state licensed home health agency that provides nursing, personal care, homemaking and companion services to patients of all ages in the home setting. Geriatric care management services are also offered to help maintain individuals in the home setting by arranging for, and/or providing the services that are needed to allow them to maintain independence. Those individuals who are unable to continue living at home are offered assistance to choose alternative settings and with transition to the new environment.

Our goals are to:

 Empower patients and families by providing the knowledge necessary to make good decisions.

 Advocate for the least restrictive life care options for patients by effectively communicating with the patient, family and health care team.

 Care planning accuracy to create a unified purpose and successful plan.

 Efficient care planning by coordination.

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SB Nursing Care Management Services has nursing and paraprofessional staff available who can provide medical care ordered by a physician and/or supportive care to promote the short-term recovery, provision of ongoing support, and long-term wellness of people who live with chronic illness. The focus of care is facilitating recovery for those who are ill and preventing illness and injury for those most at risk.


Nursing staff serve as a patient advocate as well as a member of the caregiving team.